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  • To book 5-Day Yoga Courses + Accommodation, please visit accommodation section
  • To join the 5-Day Course for the Continuing Students, everyone regardless of previous experience in Yoga must firstly complete one Introductory 5-Day Course directly preceding the Continuing Course or in the past. We reserve right to direct the person - who booked the 5-Day Course for Continuing Students online and did not complete Introductory course - to join the Introductory 5-Day Course instead. *5-Day Yoga Course starts every Wednesday 9.30am
  • To encourage students to continue learning and practice yoga at our institute, after completing the 4 weeks, students can avail the old student discount and pay 4500/- from week 5 onwards. For enrolment and further details please enquire at the centre office.
  • Book 3 Consecutive 5-Day Yoga Course Package, save ₹ 1500.00 and receive FREE Travel Yoga Cushion to continue your practice.
  • To avail 50% discount for Himachal citizens use coupon HIYCHP and 20% for Indian and other SAARC countries citizens use HIYCSAARC.
  • Please note that the deposit, once submitted, is non-refundable. The money paid can be used however for any other yoga course within 1 year from the date the initially booked course starts.

Event Details

Reservations Until:10/10/2018
Starts on:10/10/2018
Ends on:14/10/2018



This Special 5-Day Course will focus on the theme of eliminating the yoga teacher by honing your inner guide through increased awareness and understanding of the asanas. You will also understand practically how to organise your space and props so that you can become a self-sufficient home-practitioner.

Price: 5500 INR (5-Day Course Fee). There will be a FREE Lecture by Master Yoga Teacher Sharat Arora

All level students are welcome

This course is a normal 5-Day Yoga Course with emphasis on the theme of "Eliminating the Teacher" & become Self-Practitioner

1. 5-Day Introductory Yoga Course: Students coming to the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre for the first time must start with the 5-Day Introductory Course. This applies to everyone, regardless of their previous Yoga experience and ability. The Course is informative, motivational and, above all, experiential.



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