Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in Dharamkot - Dharamsala & Arambol - North Goa

The Dharamkot and Arambol Yoga Centers were both established in 1985 by Sharat Arora (Anand Sagar) a long term student of BKS Iyengar.

Sharat’s priority of living and practicing in a natural environment led him to choose Dharamkot, situated in the beautiful and lush green Himalayas; as well as Goa, best known for the vast and safest beaches in India.

The Centres offer various yoga and meditation courses to suit various requirements and time frames of students. There are weekly yoga classes for beginning and continuing students, intensive yoga teacher training, yoga teacher training courses, therapy courses, yoga for children as well as yoga for women.

The courses are informative, motivational and above all experiential.


Himalaya Shanti Ashram Eco Retreat for Yoga, Meditation and Healing

To enhance a deeper and more focused practice, Sharat Arora founded the Himalaya Shanti Ashram, and on 20th September 2011, officially inaugurated that special retreat, where students can devote themselves entirely to self-exploration, change and transformation.

It is a true paradise in the mountain river valley with the view on the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, bringing about quietness and peacefulness unknown in most of the world.

All our intensive yoga teacher training courses as well as therapy yoga courses for the students with a deep interest in serious practice – once held at the Himalyan Iyengar Yoga Centre in Dharamkot located one hour away – are now offered at the Ashram, to better inspire the practice of truly going within.


Sharat Arora (Anand Sagar) - Yoga Master Teacher

Born in 1953 and discovered Yoga in 1978. He went through intensive, full-time training for seven years with BKS Iyengar at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute in Pune and assisted B.K.S. Iyengars on all levels of Asana classes. However, more significant in his development as a practitioner and teacher was his involvement in the daily therapy sessions, serving countless patients. His fusion of this experience, with his extensive study of Western medicine, greatly influenced his continually-evolving Yoga technique and sharpened his unique Yoga therapy skills.

During this time of his growth and transformation, Sharat was living in a Buddhist community and became interested in meditation, particularly Vipassana. With this added insight, Sharat made a breakthrough in understanding what Yoga techniques were meant to bring about in himself and others. He was further inspired by the teachings of J.Krishnamurti and later by HWL Poonja (the linage of Ramanamaharishi), leading to a more holistic practice and Yogic life. Sharat's clear and precise instructions, constant and detailed attentiveness, focus on providing students with the tools to practice and explore independently, and therapeutic knowledge for treating ailments and injuries, are combined with a spiritual depth that makes his instruction unique. Sharat speaks French, German and English fluently and has lived and traveled extensively in Europe.

"Postures and breathing of Hatha Yoga practices are there to bring about balance
between Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon), so that blockages are removed and Prana,
the life force, is able to flow everywhere equally."
Sharat Arora